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Flooring Master has LVT alternatives to stone and ceramic

Think about luxury vinyl tile as an alternative to travertine tile. Just like natural stone, LVT provides the luxurious allure and beauty at a smaller price tag. Luxury vinyl tile has advantages stone cannot offer.

The latest 3-D digital print technology allows design capabilities that capture the hand-carved stone look authentically. The texture is not only seen, but can be felt. A worn texture looks as though it was shaped with the passage of time. It has the gentle color movement found in natural travertine. The surprising realism of this luxury vinyl tile extends to individual tile piece variation. A travertine tile look like no other can be created.

Besides its beauty, LVT is ideal for contemporary lifestyles. All activity stirred up in a busy household is matched by luxury vinyl tile. The durable surface handles heavy foot traffic, juice spills, and dropped plates without scratching or staining. LVT surfaces look like natural stone. They feel comfortable and warm underfoot.

Keeping luxury vinyl tile looking great is simple. Sweep or vacuum to pick up dirt that is loose. When necessary, use a damp mop. There is no need for the special cleaners and sealants required for natural stone. LVT provides the natural look of stone that can be lived with comfortably.

Luxury vinyl tile as a ceramic tile alternative

Ceramic tile is beautiful and enduring, but the surface is vulnerable to scratches and breakage. It requires regular maintenance as protection against stains and damage. If you want the look of ceramic without the drawbacks, LVT is the solution.

Luxury vinyl tile captures the high-end, luxurious look of ceramic in true-to-life textures and colors so realistic that it is hard to tell the difference. Random patterns that ensure that the tiles are all different are created by innovative manufacturing processes. A unique space can be designed, because of the option to grout and a range of styles. This ceramic tile alternative represents the ultimate in maintenance ease. The thick, hard-wearing layers guard against scuffs, scratches, and stains.

Many customers from Winterpark, Wesley Chapel, Apopka, Tampa, and Orlando have chosen LVT over stone or ceramic tile. They began their selection process of choosing a luxury vinyl tile in the Flooring Master showrooms in Riverview, FL, Orlando, FL, Apopka, FL, and Lutz, FL.

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