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Hickory hardwood from Flooring Master is a great alternative to exotic species

Those who want the distinctive exotic hardwood style for their floors, but lack the budget for the luxury flooring, can find unique beauty in hickory hardwood flooring. Domestic hickory has many features of tropical species like exceptional hardness, dramatic coloration, and vibrant grain patterns. These features are available to the price-conscious homeowners at an affordable price.

The grain of hickory hardwood

Hickory hardwood has a pronounced two-tone coloration. Fine brown lines are interlaced with creamy white and reddish tan. The slow changes that occur during the spring and summer growth of hickory cause the coloration. Unlike exotic hardwood, hickory is not as sensitive to light. The color shift caused by light exposure occurs more slowly.

Hickory hardwood design options

Hickory hardwood runs the gamut of styles and finishes. Traditional widths add rich character. Distressed and rustic hardwood planks lend a country air. Any homeowner's décor and style can be satisfied.

Hardness rating of hickory hardwood

Hickory is 41 percent harder than oak. Oak is used as the industry benchmark for relative hardwood hardness comparison.

Durable hardwood for active lifestyles

For a floor subject to constant activity or pets, kids, and high-traffic, hickory is an ideal choice. Hickory hardwood can hold up under the wear-and-tear of family living in foyers, kitchens, hallways, and living rooms.

Hickory hardwood is easy to care for

Technology is used to apply a protective finish that increases the natural ding, dent, and scratch resistance of hickory hardwood. Caring for the floor is nearly effortless. A simple routine of vacuuming, sweeping or using a dust mop cleans the hardwood.

The manufacturer will recommend a cleaner to use occasionally. Those are the only requirements to maintain the beauty and strength of hickory hardwood floors. Similar to a work of art, hickory hardwood turns a space into a statement of taste and style.

Where does one find hickory hardwood? The Flooring Master showrooms in Riverview, FL, Orlando, FL, Apopka, FL, and Lutz, FL has been helping customers from Apopka, Orlando, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Winterpark make selections of hickory or other fine hardwood flooring options for quite some time.

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