laminate flooring

Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary with Laminate Flooring from Flooring Master

Did you know that today's laminate flooring can turn ordinary flooring to extraordinary flooring, and do so at a cost that will impress most homeowners and business owners, especially those shopping on a budget? At Flooring Master, we have an exceptional array of new laminate flooring, and we would love to share a few facts about our flooring with you now.

To begin with, we should mention that when we say we have a wonderful selection of new laminate, we mean it. When you shop with us, you will discover more than 100 laminate flooring systems to choose from, and this means you will be able to find the perfect floor to meet you décor needs and budget. This is true for both homeowners and business owners, as we have a great selection of commercial laminate, too. It is our aim to serve all of our customers, regardless of their needs.

We would also like to mention that we only carry the best in brand name laminate. You can shop from companies such as: Nuvelle, Mohawk, Quick Step, and more. When you buy from any of these manufacturers, you know you are getting quality. These systems have been installed in millions of homes and businesses, and they each have their own stellar reputations.

You can choose from all of the color tones; a variety wood species; and a variety of plank widths. With all of these options, you can create a truly unique floor that suits your own personality and style. Ordinary to extraordinary? Is that possible? When you shop with us, that is well within your grasp.

If you would like to see the incredible selection of laminate flooring we have available for you, come visit with us at one of our showrooms (Tampa, Orlando and Apopka, FL) today.