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The Proper Way to Clean and Shine Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be a real breeze to maintain. However, some homeowners are often unsure as to how they should clean their lovely, new laminate floors. At Flooring Master, we always talk to our customers about the ins and outs of laminate floor maintenance and cleaning. Rest assured, our Tampa, Orlando, and Apopka, FL showroom experts are highly trained and will give you clear, concise laminate floor care advice.

Believe It or Not, Don't Sweep Your Laminate Floors
As odd as it sounds, a regular broom is not your best option when your laminate floor requires clean-up. For this job, you'll need a vacuum or a dry dust mop. Traditional brooms leave behind too many dust and dirt particles. When using a vacuum to clean-up, make sure to use the hard floor setting, eliminating the brush roll entirely. Brush rolls can scratch laminate, damaging the surface over time, so you'll need to avoid them.

Laminate Floor Cleaner is, Actually, Unnecessary
Although some homeowners have a specific laminate floor cleaner brand that they swear by, the truth is, an expensive laminate floor cleaner is unnecessary. Choose a laminate floor cleaner that is for your floor type, and that fits your budget.

Too Much Liquid is Bad for Laminate
So, you want me to clean my floors without water? Really?! When water and liquid cleaning agents seep into the cracks between laminate boards they can cause swelling, which ultimately damages laminate. In the end, you don't need a lot of water or liquid to clean your laminate floors. Instead, spray a minimal amount on small sections of the floor as you mop.

Buff That Laminate Floor Until it Shines
Looking for some really impressive high-luster looks? Buff your laminate until its dry, if you want to make that floor shine. To do this, use a mop head or an absorbent cleaning cloth.

Protect That New Laminate Floor!
Keep your new laminate flooring looking great for years to come by protecting it. Use indoor and outdoor mats, especially at every entrance of your home.