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Romance and Spas are Just Two Atmospheres You Can Create with Tile

The White Magnolia Bridal Collection, with a showroom in Tampa, FL, has been named one of Florida’s 30 fastest-growing companies. Source: www.patch.com by Sherri Lonon.

We saw this in an Inc. Magazine article naming the 5,000 fastest-growing companies, called “creators” by the magazine. In the United States. All of the 30 Florida companies made the top 500!

Of course, this is making Tampa’s Flooring Masters think a lot about romance...and tile...and how you can create a romantic atmosphere with tile. One of the great things about today’s technology is that the manufacturers can print on tile to mimic the look of almost anything, from hardwood to marble and natural stone. Have some creative fun with these by combining the patterns and using various shapes, such as triangles, planks, rectangles.

Now, let’s circle back to romance. We’ll take one of our popular tiles, Bellagio, which has a lot of texture. The tile’s background is neutral, but the pattern of fine lines has colors in both light and dark. It also has a lot of texture. This reminds us of an Italian tile. How about you?

Or, perhaps you’d like your bath to have a spa-like atmosphere. Combine some glass tiles, to add sparkle, with another, more neutral tile.

By the way, don’t worry about price, because you’ll be using some of the tiles as an accent only.

Now that we have your heart set on tile, let’s talk about maintenance, because it’s so easy. First, tile is remarkably durable. It’s virtually crack-resistant, but when accidents do happen, it’s simple enough to replace one tile.

As for cleaning, sweep or vacuum dust and loose dirt away. Since stains and dirt rest on the surface, you can just mop or wipe. When larger stains do occur, you can use almost any detergent without worry, although it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer first for a recommendation.

Come visit us so we can show you how to create the tile pattern of your dreams! Flooring Master of Tampa, FL also has three showrooms locations: Tampa, Orlando and Apopka, FL.