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Polished to Perfection: The Look of Flawless Tile Flooring

When it comes to flooring, homeowners will fall in love with the clean, polished, flawless look that porcelain and ceramic tile adds to any home remodeling. It's a true property investment, sure to please even the toughest critics with its charming form and versatile function.

So Many Sizes, So Many Shapes!
The Flooring Master experts will help you choose what tiles would best suit your current home redesign. Since there are so many variations of tile on the market, you'll need to consider their size, shape, color, and glaze before you commit to a specific type for your renovation. If you're looking for a fresh, modern appearance, then you may want to go for larger tiles, as they require fewer grout lines between tiles. For a more traditional look, smaller tiles are more suitable and are easier to incorporate in older homes.

Lots of Colors, Lots of Looks!
When it comes to tile coloration, there are countless color and pattern choices available on the market. Interested in a tile that mimics the look of wood? Lucky for you, it exists! Wood appearance tiles can be used in rooms and spaces where you may be hesitant to lay down hardwood flooring due to the possibility of moisture damage, like a bathroom or basement.

The Top Advantages of Tile Flooring:
Durability: Ceramic and porcelain material tiles are hard-wearing and will provide a lasting and tough tile flooring surface.
Design: These tiles are a favorite among designers and homeowners due to their color variety, pristine appearance, and clean, polished look.
Maintenance: It doesn't get any easier to clean than ceramic and porcelain tiles, making it one of the most praised aspects of tile flooring.
Water Resistance: These tiles have a low moisture absorption rate, making them a fantastic selection for bathrooms, kitchens, and any outdoor spaces.

Are You Looking to Choose Tiles for Your Home?
Before choosing your tiles, you should come into the Flooring Master showroom and take your time reviewing our wide range of tile design options. While looking at tiles in our Tampa, Orlando, and Apopka, FL showrooms, it's a good idea to compare some of your favorite tiles on-site. Let our showroom flooring professionals help you with all of your tile renovation decisions.

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