hardwood flooring - Tampa, Fl

Nothing is More Beautiful than Hardwood Floors!

Don’t you find it amazing that two or three generations ago home owners wanted to cover their original hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpeting? That was all the rage at that time. American decorators and home owners have come full circle and now hardwood floors are the rule rather than the exception.

Think of all the lessons that have been learned about hardwood. Hardwood floors are forever. There is a bevy of homes that have stood for a hundred years or more that still have their original flooring. Naturally, it has been refinished a few times. But the quality and beauty is still there.

When you think about the difference between hardwood and carpeting, the financial benefit is astounding. Let’s say you own your home for 30 years and you have always had carpeting. If carpeting lasts for five years, you will have replaced it six times! If hardwood has been originally put down, you would not have had to replace it at all!

There is a health aspect regarding hardwood. Besides being much easier to clean and maintain, it will not trap dust, pollen, animal dander or allergens. With so many youngsters and adults with asthma and other breathing problems, hardwood makes for cleaner interior air quality.

What turns you on? Do you like narrow plank or wide plank? Do you prefer lighter stains or the darker ones? Do you crave oak, maple, cypress, hickory, pine or cherry? Would you like a distressed look? Oh my, the choices go on and on

Where can you go to see and touch all the available hardwoods? Flooring Master has three convenient locations in Tampa, Orlando and Apopka. Whether you are updating your current home, or making improvements on a home or condo you have just purchased, you can learn about all your options. Sometimes the budget is a consideration. Just tell your associate that you have “X” number of square feet and your budget is “Y”. When you make a selection, the store will send an associate to make a final measurement, just to be sure.