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Must-Know Facts About Hardwood Flooring

At Flooring Master, we know that environmentally responsible homeowners want the most accurate information about hardwood flooring. It's hard enough trying to figure out which hardwood flooring to choose, so let our showroom pros help you to simplify the selection process. With so many hardwood flooring options available on the market, why not ask our Flooring Master experts to guide you towards the right "green" hardwood flooring for you?

Pre-finished Solid Hardwood Flooring:
Pre-finished solid hardwood flooring comes pre-sanded and pre-sealed by the manufacturer. Since it is pre-finished, homeowners enjoy faster installation and visual consistency. You'll be gratified by how quickly you can walk on your new hardwood flooring! With pre-finished solid hardwood flooring, professional installers can seamlessly install your preferred color, texture and grain flooring choice, maybe even as quickly as tomorrow!

Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring:
Unfinished solid hardwood flooring needs on-site sanding and sealing. Although unfinished hardwood does offer more color choices, typically it requires extensive preparation and a lengthier installation. Nonetheless, unfinished flooring is a very popular flooring option for home renovations. Homeowners looking for a unique flair, can vary their decor and home style with exotic wood colors and unusual tints available to unfinished solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring:
For areas that are prone to low moisture levels, like bathrooms and basements, engineered wood flooring works best. Engineered wood flooring usually comes pre-finished. However, since its top layer is thin, it cannot often be re-sanded. Regardless, high-quality engineered wood flooring is durable and long-lasting.

Are you looking for an exceptionally beautiful flooring that can last you a lifetime? At Flooring Master, we can aid you in selecting between pre-finished, unfinished, and engineered hardwood flooring for your home redesign and renovation. Visit our Tampa, Orlando, or Apopka, FL showroom to see our unbelievably wide assortment of hardwood flooring. Our flooring pros have tons of experience when it comes to flooring, and our friendly on-site experts are ready to explain your options. Come on in; we're always happy to chat about flooring!