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Looking to Add Some Exotic Flair to Your Home?

Hardwood is probably the most desirable and attractive flooring out there. It adds warmth, elegance, and classic charm that cannot be beaten. However, if we are being honest, we will have to admit that being such a popular choice, these floors can sometimes seem a bit common looking to people who like a little more aesthetic pop in their homes.

Here at Flooring Master, we feel this isn't really the fault of hardwood flooring itself, but more of the choices people make when buying it. Most people don't really take the time to choose a less common style of hardwood, simply opting for what is cheaper, or more familiar. But if you are the type of discerning person who is looking for flooring that transcends the commonplace, something with some serious pop, have we got just the thing for you: Exotic hardwood! Here is a quick primer on the top 3 exotic hardwood species on the market today:

• Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

Far and away the most popular exotic hardwood flooring choice out there, and for good reason. This wood has a range of colors varying from reddish/brown to reddish/blonde, with some occasional very deep reds. It is treasured for its unique grain and is a popular choice for use in mosaic floors. Unlike many other species of hardwood, which tend to fade from exposure to direct sunlight, Jatoba's colors begin to deepen and become richer from it. Known for its extremely high hardness rating, this beautiful option is a durable and elegant choice for any home.

• Tigerwood (Bolivian Koa)

This incredibly striking hardwood has a unique color and grain. Dark striping vividly contrasted against a background ranging from golden blonde to medium brown, make this an excellent choice for wider planked floors which allow the full glory of this wood's stunning grain to shine. When used in smaller planking, it tends to make a room look a bit too busy due to the wild variations in color. If you want your floor to really pop, this is the way to go.

• Kempas

A very lightly grained wood hailing from Indonesia and Malaysia with a reddish tone. The reddish tone will deepen after a few months of exposure to sunlight. This durable hardwood is the silent workhorse of the exotic hardwood world. It is warm and inviting, with a subtle character that allows the other facets of your room to shine through without too much competition.

There you have it! The top 3 exotic hardwoods available on the market today to make your home as distinctive and elegant as you dreamed it could be. If you are interested in viewing samples of these, or other exotic hardwoods, please stop in, or call one of our showrooms in Tampa, Orlando, or Apopka, FL. We hope to see you soon!