beat the heat with tile flooring

Beating the Heat in Tampa, FL with Tile

It’s happening again, Tampa, FL residents. Scorching heat, as well as a lot of rain, is on the menu for this week: by Sherri Lonon.

Tile doesn’t hold heat very well, so it can be a terrific way to add both architectural beauty, as well as cooling comfort, to your home. When you want tile in Tampa, FL., there’s only one place to go: Flooring Master.

Here’s the “Mr. Science” explanation: Every flooring has heat conductivity, defined by how fast an object transfers heat. Tile has a fast heat transfer, so if your feet are warmer than the tile, the tile quickly takes the heat from your body and the cooler the floor will feel. (Conversely, if the flooring is warmer than the foot, such as when it’s in direct sunlight, like patio tiles, the heat will transfer quickly back into the body.)

Alternatively, carpet has poor heat transfer, so when you step over it, it does not remove the heat from your feet and you’ll still feel warm.

Ceramic tile is also:

1. Allergen-free, because it just can’t hold onto dirt and dust.
2. Easy to clean, especially since most spills and dirt rest on the surface, making them easy to wipe away. If there is a tough stain, however, most heavy-duty cleaners won’t cause damage; but be on the safe side, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Durable. Tile is difficult to crack, but if a one does happen, you can replace a tile fairly easily. Of course, that toughness also makes it extremely hard, but you can address that with some strategically-placed area rugs.
4. Comes in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can mix and match to create your own design. If budget is a concern, ceramic tile also makes a great accessory, so you can still use it with another, more budget-friendly flooring.

Flooring Master of Tampa, FL carries a wide selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, vinyl and glass tile. The company has showrooms in Tampa, Orlando and Apopka, FL.