Is luxury vinyl flooring durable?

Is luxury vinyl flooring durable?

Long-lasting, budget-friendly, water-resistant, and incredibly easy to maintain, luxury vinyl installations are now the most popular forms of resilient floors. As a result, you will have the ideal balance between underfoot comfort and hard-wearing firmness, be it the luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile version. But they also offer incomparable style and beauty, manufactured in a myriad of designs that can suit any renovation. In terms of durability, you can thank modern technology and recent advancements in the manufacturing process for its high-quality construction.

LVT & LVP: high durability – when adequately maintained

First and foremost, vinyl installations are indeed durable. However, the degree of their durability is heavily dependent on adequate maintenance. That is to say, while you won't be a slave to its upkeep, you do nonetheless need to take good care of the installation. Luckily, this surfacing is pretty straightforward to take care of. Prevention of damage to the vinyl is vital, and the use of mats or rugs in areas with a lot of foot traffic is excellent for protection.

In rooms with vinyl floors, apply felt protectors to furniture legs, which prevents indents and scratches to the surfacing. These felt protectors also make it easier to transfer the furniture from one area of the room to another, with the additional use of furniture sliders while ensuring your installation won’t get damaged. Ideally, though, if possible, do lift and carry items to their new locations.

When cleaning floors, avoid abrasive substances, such as scouring pads, scrubs, waves, and chemical solvents. These aren't necessary, plus they do a whole lot of damage to the surfacing. Instead, use a clean, dry mop to remove dirt and dust. If the floors need a good cleaning, only use a vinyl-safe cleaner that the manufacturer approves.

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