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How long can I expect vinyl plank to last in my home?

Luxury vinyl flooring
comes with a long list of benefits and characteristics. And one of those is a long lifespan that will serve you well.

These floors can last 20 years or more with professional installation and regular care. You'll see tremendous benefits that cater to every room, large or small, during that time.

Why the long lifespan?

These floors feature a layered construction that holds up well under constant wear. It's stable, functional, and provides the best visual appeal year after year.

Vinyl plank flooring
comes in formats that are easy to install, with various formats. You can also replace a single damaged piece is easier than replacing the whole floor.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Since these floors are easy to clean and maintain, they function better for longer. Tidy up with just a broom and a damp mop to reach the expected lifespan with ease.

If you need a deeper clean, use only recommended cleaning solutions. Or you could give us a call to find out what we suggest for your luxury vinyl flooring.

Area rugs and runners for added support

Consider adding runners or area rugs if you have extremely high traffic areas. This can help keep direct traffic off the surface of your floors.

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Flooring Master offers a wide selection of vinyl flooring in Orlando, FL. And they're perfect for bringing out the most extended lifespan for your flooring needs.

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