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Hardwood flooring and home values

One thing you can count on with hardwood flooring is that it will raise the value of your home. Even if only installed in a single room, the benefit still stands.

Increased home value can mean as much whether you're staying in your home or selling it at some point. And the more you know about the facts, the better your floors will be as a result.

Why do wood floors increase your home value?

One of the most popular features of this material is that it offers an extensive lifespan. So, choosing wood floors can mean you'll never have to replace your floors. 

With professional installation, solid wood can last more than 100 years. You'll note that some historical buildings have hardwood that's 200 years old.

You can refinish hardwood flooring

When flooring becomes old, worn, or damaged, replacement is almost always necessary. But that's not the case with solid hardwood flooring.

These floors offer refinishing options that bring them back to a like-new look. Afterward, they'll continue to function as you expect hardwood to function.

You can change the look when you want

Changing the stain color and finish type of your wood floors is easy during the refinishing process. But you can change them any time you want, with a similar service.

You can switch from a high-gloss honey stain to a handscraped rich mahogany. The choice is yours.

We serve your hardwood flooring needs

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