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Four FAQs about vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring
offers terrific benefits that you're sure to find useful. They're beautiful, durable, and give you a reasonable lifespan.

But they have other benefits in every room of your home. And it's well worth your time to find out more about them before you buy.

Answers to some frequent questions about luxury vinyl flooring

Is vinyl plank durable?

Offering scratch, stain, scar, and dent resistance, vinyl plank flooring provides extensive durability. The top layer is also customizable, so you can get the protection you need.

Is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?

One of the most sought-after benefits of vinyl plank flooring is complete waterproof protection. Even in damp, humid, or spill-prone areas, they give you complete peace of mind against water damage.

What kinds of looks can I get with a luxury vinyl plank?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers visuals that mimic natural wood, stone, and tile with remarkable realism. Colors, textures, and formats create a trendy, gorgeous floor covering.

How long does installation take?

Each remodel varies with installation time, depending on your personal needs and preferences. But most installations take a single day or less under average circumstances.

Enjoy vinyl plank every day

Added benefits make vinyl plank flooring even more appealing. You'll enjoy resilience and softer touch than most hard surface flooring.

They are also a perfect match for any decor scheme. Enjoy any number of trendy looks for every interior design.

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